Unplay Percussive Sounds in Europe

1er projet ERASMUS : 2019-2022
Italie – France – Espagne – Turquie

The project « Unplay Percussive Sounds in Europe » aims to build step by step a virtual photo exhibition, a soundtrack and song, from the acquisition of basic concepts, through recording, sound recording, arrangements, lyrics and photo shootings. The work will focus on visual and percussive gestures.
This choice will demonstrate true « local » characteristics.
A Virtual Photo exhibition will precede a physical exhibition at « Visa off » and a concert at Perpignan Regional Music Conservatory, whose theme will be « my percussive environment ». Visa is an international photojournalism festival held every year in September in Perpignan where visitors can see official exhibitions and meet professional photojournalists, and see « off » festival exhibitions at
various strategic locations in the city such as restaurants. , cafes, monuments, public places …).


  • develop skills, competencies and know-how
  • adapt to digital technologies
  • test innovative approaches
  • test new creative models for transnational and international cooperation
  • organize transnational and international cultural activities, such as exchanges, a virtual exhibition, a promotional clip, a physical exhibition and a concert.
  • stimulate interest in and improve access to European cultural and creative works.
    In particular, we hope to achieve the following results :
  • improve the knowledge of participants from all the countries involved, including their history, their traditions, customs and lifestyles.