Let’s practice Office Administration

Projet 2019 : France – Espagne – Belgique

The idea is to work with the office administration curriculum in a motivating and challenging way and show our students it can be easier to learn vocabulary and expressions by using them. On the one hand, they will use their communication skills to play a role as providers and customers by exchanging business correspondence and organizing business trips and, on the other hand, they will apply for a job by preparing their own CV and interviewing each other.


  1. Develop writing and oral skills.
  2. Improve business skills.
  3. Promote the use of formal language.
  4. Develop ICT skills
  5. Provide a positive and healthy work atmosphere.

1) Oct : Presentation and welcoming. Showing our school and our class (facilities, classrooms, teachers, classmates, timetable…) : (Thinglink or slideshows) Inphographic about our town and sectors.( Genially)
2) Nov : Company presentation : Each student or group has to design a leaflet or brochure about the internship company and post them. (Canva9
3) Dec : Christmas Card : Partners exchange Christmas cards (Canva)
4) Jan/Feb : Trading and complaining : Partners act as a customers and providers to order some products or services from the company leaflets. Then they have to exchange a formal complaint and deal with it.
5) Feb/March : Planning a business trip : Each group involved receives a business trip request from another partner and they work on it (organizing the meetings, hotels, restaurants and the free time). Then they have to post a flyer with all the trip organization and create some QR codes with ‘audioguides’ explaining the highlights of the city.(Canva + QR generator + Youtube)
6) March/April : Finding a job : Making a job advert for a vacant position in the company they presented and post them. Preparing and writing their own CV and a cover letter for the job advert and sending to the contact of one of the job adverts. Each group involved prepares the questions for a job interview and partners interview each other.
7) May : Farewell. Posting a message and pictures on to give the opinion about the project. Organizing a chat session to say goodbye to eachother or making short videos and post them.