Lycée privé catholique Sainte-Louise de Marillac
      Lessons of entrepreneurship and solidarity

Lessons of entrepreneurship and solidarity


The main objective is to create a firm, consistent with social values such as solidarity. Students involved in this European network create and organize a virtual enterprise, exchanging ideas, developing the English language and increasing skills in web 2.0 tools. Likewise, they learn how to create a virtual company, to use crowdfunding, to perform market analysis, to advertise and to select an association for which they will donate a percentage value of the profit.

To prepare students for the world of work, developing a formal and accurate idea of what is demanded when applying for a job, learning how to work with 2.0 tools and developing other soft skills, namely the need for a more solidary society.
To develop critical thought as well being able to state and justify personal opinions having in mind specific situations and realities.
To create interaction with other countries, cultures and societies, providing an intercultural communication that will allow our students to grow as people in a globalised world.
To know the steps to set up a new business and identify the opportunities to be a freelancer.

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