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      Being a photographer to show the way I see my close world

Being a photographer to show the way I see my close world

À propos du projet
AGE : 16-19
PROFILE OF THE STUDENTS : Vocational school or high-school
DURATION : From september to January
- Photos
- Texts
- Visio
- chat
We must decide the best supports to use together with the partners once the project is accepted

The main aim of the project is to give the pupils the opportunity to use english in oder to make themselves understood and in order to understand the partners.
The second aim of the project is to make pupils share and work together on a same project : introduce my self and my close world via pictures in order to create a virtual exhibition.

- talking about my environment
- talking about myself
- justifying my choices
- talking about what I like or dislike
- Describing a scene
- telling emotions
- giving advices


- Working in collaboration with others
- Taking pictures and reading pictures
- Sharing knowledge and technical skills

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